Undergraduates: UNST 2820 from Career Center
Dear Undergraduate Students: 

If you are requesting to take UNST 2820 to satisfy your CPT requirements, in addition to submitting your CPT request through ISSP Connect you will need to do the following:
  1. In the "Verifications" section of the CPT form, manually enter the following then select "Add User"Career Center

In additional to completing your CPT request, please send ipp@virginia.edu the following:
  • The job offer letter that contains:
    • Name and complete location of employer
    • Duties of the position
    • Exact start and end dates of job
    • Number of hours of employment per week 
Also, please answer the following questions and include to your response to ipp@virginia.edu:
  • To the best of your knowledge, is the requested employment experience appropriate as an integral component of your established curriculum? Y/N
  • Will participation in this practical experience delay your program of study? Y/N
  • Is this type of employment experience a required part of your degree program? Y/N
  • What semester and year are you expected to complete your degree program?
  • List all majors and minors you are expected to complete.